The Power of ChatGPT in your WhatsApp

Instantly chat with your powerful AI assistant on WhatsApp - just like any other conversation.

Your Instant Access AI assistant

Our chatbot can answer complicated questions, summarise articles, write articles for you and so much more.This powerful tool is now available directly in your Whatsapp.

Simple to Use

No complicated website. You don’t need to talk to it like a robot 🤖Simply chat with DMBuddy as you would with anyone else directly on Whatsapp.

Instant Results

DMBuddy won’t leave you on read.Get the output you want instantly, it’s that simple.



  • Unlimited usage
    Use it as often as you want

  • No Surprises
    It does exactly what it says on the tin

  • Use Instantly
    As soon as you subscribe, DMBuddy is live!

Want to chat with a human?

We get that.
We love AI and its potential but, we are also humans here at DMBuddy.
We are happy to answer any questions you might have.
Drop us a question below.

Robots are friends 🤖

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